° 1 lavender candle
° 3 dried sprigs of lavender [peace, healing, relieves depression, calming]
° 1 white sachet [all purpose, peace, protection]
° 1 crystal (blue lace agate [peace, calmness], desert rose [peace, tranquility, protection], carnelian [peace, eases depression], celestite…



One of the most important things to an herbalist would be their tool set. Now most people think that you need a truck load of expensive and unusual tools to practice herbal medicine. When in fact, it is quite the contrary. An herbalist’s tools are basic and easy, and…



Rose hip syrup

Great for colds and heart health.

Gather rose hips with gloves as the tiny hairs in the flesh can cause contact dermatitis. It’s best to do this when the flesh is soft and mushy, after the first cold snap of the season.

3 cups made 1 litre of syrup for me so gather as much as you need for you.

Remove stalks but leave everything else and soak in water for ten minutes. Then drain, put in food processor and mix until only in small bits or mushy.

Put the hips in a pot, along with an equal amount of water. Simmer don’t boil (destroys vitamin c) for forty minutes.

Strain twice in a linen tea towel and discard hips (they make great compost).

Put liquid back in rinsed pan and add half as much sugar as liquid. Stir until dissolved and then bottle (canning is what you Americans call it I think).

Opened it will last six weeks in the fridge. Dose is 1 tbspn 3 x a day.

You can add elderberries, haws, blackberries, ginger, cinnamon..,basically anything you like to make the flavour a bit less sickly sweet (it tastes like liquid crapapple jelly).


Bells and Yarn


Purpose: When your dreams are plagued by nightmares from mischievous fairies 

items needed

  • yarn (blue, yellow, and red)
  • tiny bells


  1. get the yarn and measure around your wrists (make the yarn a little longer than the diameter)
  2. braid the yarn together “Never again, shall I be plagued. Never again, will I be plagued.”
  3. once you finish braiding the bracelet, you will now tie the little bells to it.
  4. Place the bracelet on and give it a shake to ring the bells. Wear it when you sleep